CANON - Canon Eos 300d

NIMAR housings are designed to satisfy the needs of professional Diver Photographers by providing great performance and a compact design with the extraordinary strength and solidity required for underwater activities.

The housing is sized and weighted with near-neutral buoyancy and superb underwater handling. NIMAR Housings also includes an enlarged optical viewfinder providing the brightest and biggest possible image viewing.

All of NIMAR digital SLR housings are pressure tested to 200’ (60M).

The housing has a clear sharp-looking design, allowing for a visual inspection of the O-ring seal surfaces and controlled monitoring on the Camera.

A moisture alarm (Light & Audio) is included on our equipment as an extra feature, this in order to avoid any potential damage to your equipment due to a wrong closing of the housing.

Locking system consists of 4 secure stainless steel hooks around the housing, neutralizing any possibility of accidental opening while underwater.

Camera installation is quick and simple. Left and Right handles assure a stable maneuver on the housing; its ergonomic design allows you to keep your hands on the handles while giving access to all camera commands.

The housing features a simple and very reliable bayonet-mount interchangeable lens port system, so you can rest assure your ports are secured in place and water tight. The bayonet system also offers the fastest possible access for a rapid change of lenses with no need to remove the SLR from the housing.

NIMAR ports system is also available on both polycarbonate and optical glass for a wide range of macro, wide-angle and other zoom lenses. (See Port Chart)

The external “Primo” Nimar Strobe is strongly recommended to obtain professional grade shooting with the convenience of automatic TTL exposure control.

The Nimar housing comes with standard Nikonos bulkead, allowing the use of other strobes in manual mode.

A nice addition to NIMAR housings is the “Ni29 Focusing light 3W led”. This focusing light provides enough light for your camera’s auto focus system to work properly even when using a flash.

Ready to Use, No Additional Accessories
Please visit our port chart to find out the port that will fit your lenses.

Used by the Best in the Industry For Over 25 Years
Nimar sponsors and is used by the top free divers, official organizations and professional divers and photographers all over the world.

Bayonet Port system with multiple-lens Capability
Simple and outmost reliable system giving the capability of quick port exchange to other polycarbonate and optical glass ports to be used with most macro, wide-angle, and zoom lenses are available.

Compact,Strong, Light Weight Construction.
Unobstructed view of the camera's information and control functions with visual confirmation of O-ring seal from the clear polycarbonate housing back with a sharp-looking design. Strong and corrosion free with a compact design.

Enhanced Viewing
The enlarged optical viewfinder included as a standard feature on all SLR Nimar housings provides the brightest and biggest possible image viewing.

Moisture Alarm
An extra feature included on all SLR housings, with both sound and visual alarm.

Secure Locking System
Hook system on every side of the housing neutralizes accidental openings.

TTL Strobe Exposure Control
When an optional Nimar strobe is connected to the housing's bulkhead, you will have automatic TTL exposure control

Standard Nikonos Bulkhead
Standard Nikonos bulkhead allows for the use of other manufacturers strobes in manual mode

Construction Material & ColorPolycarbonate
Control Type Mechanical / All
Depth Rating 200' (60m)
Buoyancy Near-neutral
Port Standard bayonet mount with a wide range of ports availability.
Internal Flash Usable No, blocked by housing
External Strobe Connector Yes, Standard Nikonos Bulkhead
TTL Compatible Yes, with Nimar strobe
Moisture Alarm Included
Dimensions (WxHxD) 8.9 x 6.7 x 8.9" (225 x 170 x 225mm)
Weight (without Camera) 6.93 lbs (3.14kg) without handles

CANON PORT CHART (click here)

    • Port Cover
    • Left and Right Handles
    • View Finder Rubber Protection
    • Moisture Alarm
    • O-Rings
    • User Manual
    • 2-Year Warranty

    • Wide Port system for most underwater lenses
    • Enlarged Optical Viewfinder
    • Standard Nikonos Bulkhead
    • TTL Exposure Control w/Nimar Strobes
    • Designed and Manufactured in Italy
    • Moisture Alarm
    • Rated Down To 200'